Women Must Demand: Equal Opportunity, Equal Justice & Equal Treatment

Equal opportunity, equal justice and equal treatment of women are on the ballot this November. The Supreme Court with the appointments of Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett turned over a 50-year precedent and reversed a right that reached into the bedroom of every woman, denying her reproductive freedom.

Women should judge rightly this November how they feel about clean air versus the pollution the courts’ watered-down ruling will cause in hamstringing the EPA (West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency).

Women should weigh-in on the 2nd Amendment and the gun violence plaguing the urban and suburban streets of their communities. Do you worry every day when you send your kids or grand kids off to school? Are you safe traveling to work on public transportation, or will you be carjacked if you decide to drive your car to work?

How do you feel since the conservative Supreme Court took away personal liberty and decided to dictate the fate of you and your family?

It is said in Republican circles that the issues of working people are no longer a Democratic position. I wish to dispel this untruthful claim. Democrats are the ones who support and champion unions: unions that have given the common man struggling to take care of his family a decent wage, medical benefits, an eight-hour work day, overtime pay, and workmen’s compensation.

Conservatives want to label Democrats socialists. Who can pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they try to feed and house a family on minimum wage, pay for daycare, and take care of elderly parents. While the Republicans give the rich 1% tax breaks and tax loopholes for their businesses, the low- and middle-income families work extra jobs, pay high taxes, and fund the government.

I challenge all women to pick up the gauntlet that has been slammed down on our equal opportunity, equal justice and equal treatment as citizens of this great country. Arm yourself with knowledge. Arm yourself with facts. Arm yourself by voting, registering to vote, encouraging others out of their armchairs and prepare to do battle until November 22. Keep an eye open through 2024.