We The People

Congratulations to our KCDW winners from the June 28, 2022 Primary Election. Voters headed to the polls on Tuesday and made their voices heard. Our member campaigns included positions for Kane County Board, state senators, state representatives, local Kane County candidates, the U.S. Congress, state judicial candidates and precinct committee persons.

The first leg of our journey to victory was yesterday. Today we embark on the second half…winning the November Mid Term Election. Our member candidates need our support, they can’t do it alone. There are a variety of ways members from our organization can help. We’ll be talking about this at upcoming general meetings.

A special thank you to the number of women and men who have recently joined the ranks of Kane County Democratic Women. In our fifth year as an organization we’re building on our mission to engage, educate and empower women. There are committees to engage your talents and skills, a home for political action, and a sisterhood of women from every walk of life to befriend. Join us as we elect more women to political office, where there is the potential to change the tide to meet the needs and champion the issues of women. Make today the day freedom called and you answered.