Elected Officials

Corinne Pierog

Corinne Pierog

Kane County Board Chairman, elected 2020
President and founder, Kane County Democratic Women

“It was the first time in recent memory anyone could remember the Kane County Board having a Democratic board chairman. And it could be the first time since at least the years of the Great Depression, or before.

Kane County has long been a predominantly Republican county, however, In November 2020, the Democrats won four countywide offices, including the county board chairman for the first time since it became an elected office in the 1990s. Before that, the chairman was chosen by the board itself, so, since the board generally had a large GOP majority, the chairman was a Republican.

Pierog won the race by a 1,879-vote margin, close enough for Republican candidate David Rickert, the county’s treasurer, to look at a discovery recount. Rickert did concede the race to Pierog, and she took her historic posting.”

Chicago Tribune, Jan 2, 2021

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