The Great American Experiment

The time away in July with family to the great state of South Dakota is a “bucket list” travel quest I have long held. Home to the fossilized skeletons of saber-toothed cats and three-toed horses, the Black Hills with tree-line vistas and the vast expanse known as the “Badlands” whetted my appetite. The spectacular landscapes gave way to and overwhelmed my sense of wonder upon entering Mount Rushmore. It is a monument that rises up to the sky and will be forever etched in my memory.

As seen through the visiting global eyes of many, we entered the Avenue of the Flags at the entrance to this national treasure. Fifty-six flags line the walkway leading up to the granite structure. Fifty represent the states with one flag for a district, three for territories, and two for commonwealths. The grandeur reinforces the impression that America is formidable and united, a continuation for those freedoms our state flags and constitution represent.

As a U.S. citizen many emotions surfaced, among them a deep love of country. As the walkway gave way to a guard rail enclosure where rows of concrete seating presented a close view of the presidential likenesses of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, I reflected how much they had given to secure the Great American Experiment that is our republic. The U.S. Constitution binds this great nation with so many of the freedoms we enjoy today.

I share my odyssey as I pen our summer newsletter issue. Kane County Democratic Women in our sixth year as an organization is proud of the work we have accomplished to elect more women to legislative office. September is for many the official kickoff for the 2024 election and re-election of our member candidates. Our 101 member strong organization which is made up of women and the men who support them, will engage and work together to assist our member candidates.

Our platform is strong and our focus is clear. On our side are the many accomplishments that each of the 11 of 17 who won their 2020 campaigns have instituted since being elected. KCDW will be outlining these achievements in the coming months. Elections do have consequences. Our member candidates in municipal, county, state and at the national level are leading in the issues that matter to our communities. We invite you to stay tuned to learn more about their victories and why the slogan “my vote is my voice” is important to you.