A Message From KCDW Chair – Carolyn Bird Salazar

Hi all! I am excited to be the new Chair of the Kane County Democratic Women. I am one of the founding members and have seen over these last 4 years how effective it is when women come together in a common cause. Women are bridge-builders, collaborators and frankly, doers!

My vision going forward is to build on what we have already accomplished. I have listened to members’ ideas and concerns about the KCDW. I will do my best to create an environment where things get done, where members feel they are contributing ideas, and I know the time they spend coming to a meeting is time well spent.

My immediate priority this year will be to help our member candidates get elected. We also have a new Candidate Action Committee, and I look forward to helping the committee use the resources we have available to put their ideas into action to assist our many candidate members with their campaigns.

Another priority is not only to rebuild our membership to what it once was but also to go beyond that number and increase our membership so we can have a greater impact in Kane County. We will actively seek diversity for our membership. If you were once a member, come take another look! We are ready to Engage, Educate and Empower the women of Kane County!

I am humbled by the support and confidence the members have shown in me to become the new KCDW Chair, and I know that with my very capable board members, we will have a successful year.