Sycamore Parade with Lauren Underwood

The 2022 Congressional campaign started this past weekend as Sycamore residents lined both sides of the street on October 31 to celebrate the annual Pumpkin Festival parade and cheer for their favorite political candidates. Both Kane and DeKalb County Democrats lined up behind Lauren’s pumpkin float to march along with Lauren as she greeted and stopped along the parade route to shake hands and talk with constituents. Our two-mile walk began with an inspiring speech from Lauren as she talked about some of the work she is doing for constituents and ways that we can help.

The fall colors were a beautiful backdrop as we strolled and danced along the route with Lauren’s pumpkin-clad staff. We met fellow Democrats from other counties and invited them to attend our future events. And Lauren reminded us that Sunday, November 7th, is one year away from the 2022 election day. There is a lot of work to do before November 7, 2022, and many events to remind constituents of the importance of their vote. To learn more about events to support Lauren and other Democrats, CLICK HERE.